Improving Energy Efficiency in Rented Homes

Recently, the government launched a consultation regarding the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of properties within the private rented sector within England and Wales.

The consultation follows an earlier pledge to upgrade as many privately rented homes as possible to an EPC rating of at least ‘C’ within the next 10 years.

The consultation aims to:

  • Make homes more comfortable whilst reducing energy bills for tenants.

  • Protect and hopefully improve the capital value of properties for landlords.

  • Contribute to wider efforts within the UK to reach net zero carbon emissions.

The measures put forward in the consultation provide the same assurances for landlords as previously set out; improvements will only be required where practical, cost-effective and affordable.

Having an energy efficiency rating of at least ‘C’ can make the property more attractive to tenants and save you having to instruct disruptive works in the future.

Speak to our team if you’re thinking of buying and/or renovating a buy to let in the near future. We can help you to choose the right property with rental demand.

If you already know you will need to have improved insulation or double glazing installed to improve your energy rating, it’s worth making enquiries now, as you might be able to get a better price than if works are put off until it becomes law.

You can read the full consultation and respond online via the GOV.UK website. The consultation closes on 30/12/20.