Why Should I Use a Managing Agent to Manage My Property?

Owning and renting out a property can be a great source of stress-free passive income. Emphasis on the can. After all, not all property investors are interested in being a landlord. From high-maintenance tenants to property maintenance and rent collection, property management can quickly turn into a full-time job, and a source of income that turns out to not be so ‘passive’ after all.

As a landlord, you are on call constantly. In the best-case scenario, you get the best, most compliant and respectful tenants out there and you don’t hear a peep from them. Worst case, you’re waking up in the early hours of a Sunday morning to go and check on something that’s supposedly gone wrong.

Hiring a managing agent for property management is key to ensure the smooth running of all aspects of managing your property. At MOVR, we make sure all of our clients and their properties are well maintained and tenants are taken care of. Our property management service is our flagship service, and we take pride in our ability to offer a truly hands-off lettings management service to ensure this income stream stays truly passive.

We offer a range of property lettings and property management services, built around the needs of landlords and tenants.

1) We find the best tenants… Quickly!

We use in-person and digital marketing techniques perfected over our years of experience to ensure that as many relevant tenants see your property as possible. This ensures your property doesn’t stay empty for long, and is rented out and generating income for you as quickly as possible. Furthermore, we offer accompanied viewings of your property, which will help to achieve the right tenant.

2) Adequate and thorough preparation of documents

We prepare all documents to make sure you’re always completely covered in the case of a dispute. We prepare pre-tenancy documentation to ensure you and your property are following the latest legal guidelines. We make sure to include the right to rent checks on your tenant so that you can be confident and have peace of mind that you will never be left short.

3) We take care of the property maintenance

Of course, as with any property, there’s bound to be routine maintenance and repairs from time to time. When working with MOVR, we offer 24-hour repair support to assist your tenants with any repairs or maintenance that is required. We also manage the routine maintenance of the property, to ensure it’s in great shape for tenants as they come and go.

Furthermore, we will manage the annual and periodic safety inspections of the property, to ensure your property is legally compliant with all safety measures. And if any repairs are needed, you’ll have the benefit of access to our qualified and insured contractors to make the required improvements. We’ll even manage the maintenance payment, ensuring the transaction is as smooth as possible.

4) Have your personal property manager

When using our property management services, you’ll have a dedicated personal property manager who you can approach with any questions or for any advice. Your agent will be able to give you specialist investment advice concerning your properties.

We will do the job of keeping tabs on the state of the property and will be able to advise on necessary refurbishments to your property in between tenants. This will ensure that the property is consistently in the best shape possible, preventing any major repairs in the long term.

5) Tenant Liaison and Dispute Resolution

In the middle of the tenancy, we will conduct a mid-term property visit. This will ensure that your mind is at ease in the knowledge that your tenants are treating your property with respect. We will also handle any negotiations of claims on the tenancy deposits, saving you the headache of taking on these negotiations yourself. Furthermore, we will liaison with the tenants and process any deposit dispute resolutions, so that everything is done by the book.

You may have handled the property management yourself up until this point, and things could have been smooth sailing due to being blessed with easy and respectful tenants; so the decision to employ a property management company such as MOVR and take a step back can sometimes be a tough decision. Our job is to work with your tenants to ensure things stay easy and stress-free for you over the long term. After all, it simply takes one tricky tenant to kick up a fuss and you could be looking at hours upon hours of time spent in resolving issues.

We currently serve the whole South Yorkshire area, including, Sheffield, Barnsley, Chesterfield and Doncaster. We also offer a range of other property lettings, property management, rent collection and landlord services tailored specifically to your needs.

Check out our website today for further information on property management, or simply give us a call on +44(0)1226 885070 for more information! Alternatively, send us an email at hello@movrhomes.com We look forward to hearing from you!