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MOVR (pron. [MOO-VER]) strives for a progressive property market that creates ever-improving opportunities for tenants, home-buyers and landlords.

We’re driven every day to provide better properties, services and results for our clients through our comprehensive range of lettings and property management services.


The Team


Elena Jackson

Elena has vast experience in lettings and property management across the South Yorkshire region. Contact Elena for everything and anything related to property management.


Mark Cody

Mark Cody's experience in project management and business development, working alongside architect’s, surveyors and project managers helps landlords get the most out of their properties. Contact Mark to get your properties moving with MOVR today


Mark Pereira

Mark Pereira's background in property investment and marketing helps property investors and landlords to identify the right investment properties for the best returns. Contact Mark P to get your property investments moving.

Let's get your property moving.

We're based in South Yorkshire, helping tenants and landlords in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Barnsley, Doncaster and the surrounding areas with our comprehensive range of lettings and property management services. 


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